What does a credit agreement have to include? – Cheap loans in the credit comparison.

Anyone who has taken out a loan must repay the amount received in the same amount. All conditions regarding the loan are defined in a contract. There are no exact rules on how such a loan agreement should look like, but the contract should include some important things. The content of the loan agreement A […]

Which factors count in the loan application? – Cheap loans in the credit comparison

  If you want to lend money to a bank or a financial service provider, you must fulfill a few requirements. Regardless of where the loan is to be taken, for the lender is always the repayment in the foreground. So the borrower has to meet some conditions to get a loan approved. Our team […]

When do I need credit insurance? – Cheap loans in the credit comparison

A credit insurance is not yet so well known and yet it can sometimes be very helpful! Certainly, the question will be in the room, what exactly is a credit insurance. In modern times you can actually insure everything and thus a loan. Here, however, the loan is not insured, but the repayments. Credit insurance […]